•   Hotel

•   Hospital

•   Restaurant

•   Retail store

•   Church/Synagogue

•   State or Municipal property

•   Home Owner driveway or acreage


Simply put:  If your vehicle is damaged on private property,  Your claim must be filed with your insurance Company and your deductible will apply.  The insurance companies of the vehicles involved will negotiate what they will cover. (click below to find out more). 

Unless there is injury or potential of injury to a person, law enforcement agencies are not required to assist. 



Your Auto Policy add on Options

When setting up our coverage, our Agent or policy writer waits patiently for our answer while we deliberate about the extra few dollars per month that it will add to our policy.

In my humble opinion, it is not just the money that one must evaluate when addressing this choice.  It comes down to a deeper question-  HOW MUCH WILL YOU SPEND IF YOU NEED A REPAIR?

If you are fortunate to have a second accessible vehicle then you might pass on this option with a pretty clear conscience.  If, however, your second family vehicle has to be at the disposal of your spouse or family and on a different schedule, than you really need to give consideration to adding this option to your policy.

When your Insurance provides you with a rental car, it is what we will call relatively SIMPLE.  Depending on your insurance, you either pick up the car at your Agent's office OR at their partner facility.  IF you have to go get a rental car yourself, you will be in for a big surprise if you have not rented one previously.

Firstly, you need good credit and a credit card with enough usable money on it to allow the Rental company to charge a refundable damage fee.  Depending on the vehicle you choose- (cool cars, SUVs and trucks will cost MORE).  The daily fee to rent a cheep compact vehicle can start at 59.99 a day.

Your body shop has limitations that have to be addressed when your auto is dropped off for repairs.  Parts might be out of stock.  Some may need to come in from out of state.  Often, there are other cars that are being repaired at the same time and work must be done in a first come, first serve basis.  If your damage includes parts that need to be painted to MATCH your vehicle, this adds several days to your repair.  Once the parts come in, they go through a rigorous process that includes inspection, prepping, fitting and the sometimes several stages of paint process that results in your matching part.

It is not uncommon for a repair to take 7 to 10 business days even when your shop works hard to push your job.  Do the math-  59.00 x 10 days is 590.00.  This is a real blow to your budget after having to come up with your deductible.

So-  If you know that your deducible alone will be a stretch to your budget-  The few extra dollars a month might really save you some heartache!  :)




The Strength, Color and Gloss are all built into one system and are applied to the vehicle in one application.  This system is great for projects where the finished vehicle needs to have a period correct look.  This type of paint application does not have the depth of a Base Coat-Clear painting process on newer model cars.



This system of paint application consists of COLOR mixed with a polyurethane clear coat.  The color is JUST color.  The Clear coat then is responsible for providing the UV STRENGTH, PROTECTIONS AGAINST THE ELEMENTS & GLOSS.  The extra steps and product used to obtain the high end professional appearance will increase the cost of your job.

Each year, from 2014 to 2016, an estimated 171,500 highway vehicle fires occurred in the United States,

What causes Engine Fires?

 While some car fires are usually caused by collisions, they are more often caused by problems with a vehicle's electrical wiring, fuel system or even cigarettes left in the car, leaving the engine to catch fire. 

 Forgetting or neglecting to properly maintain your car can indirectly lead to a vicious car fire.   That's because if you let broken parts, leaky seals, or faulty wiring go without repairs, it'll make your car a lot more hospitable to the conditions that cause a fire. An engine with a bad gasket is more likely to drip hazardous (and  flammable) fluids. Frayed wiring is more likely to spark and make  contact with flammable materials. 

Sadly, in addition to dealing with the cost of your engine repair, you now also need to address the additional damage caused to the hood and or fenders of your vehicle.  The heat and chemicals that occur during an engine burn will destroy your exterior paint.

If you find yourself facing such an issue, make sure your paint and body technicians are skilled with such repairs.  Quoting you correctly will save you money in the long run.  Our professionals here at A & D Custom Cruisers can tell you if the hood or fenders need replaced or if they can be saved.



Sharpie Markers are amazing but on on a Car!

Every organized and professional body shop has sharpies laying around but they are for one specific purpose.  That purpose is to write on BAGS that the parts of your vehicle go into when it is disassembled.

With every car being unique in some way, it becomes a smart plan to 'bag and tag' those unusual little bolts removed with your bumper, (or other part being replaced.)  New parts do NOT come with new hardware.

A Sharpie marker however, if applied directly to your auto body will NOT sand off and be gone forever.  The oils remain and over time will work their way up through your new paint job, creating a terrible mess that is nearly impossible to fix.

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Markers made for the Auto body industry however are ideal for both business and fun.  If kids want to write all over their car as they promote their favorite HS Football team or tell the world Graduation is just around the corner, make sure these markers are used and keep your vehicle looking good after they are washed off!



A Beautiful paint job is not as easy as one might think.

The quality of products used has a significant effect on how your car will look after a paint job.  It can be so tempting to shop for your painter based on price but sadly, there will be a price to pay down the road.


Clear coats are more than just 'SHINE'.

  They literally determine how long your actual color will last.  Auto paint colors are not designed to hold up to the penetrating UV rays from sunlight.  Debeer Clear coats are designed to protect that color and even your daily driver vehicle will brave the weather better with these products.


When A & D Custom Cruisers paints your car-

You can count on the use of quality products ensuring optimum results.   Our thorough process for surface preparation and attention to each step of the painting process gives our clients the service and quality they deserve.


Ralph Lauren Owns the Most Expensive Car in the World /

Written by Alexandra Dantzer, The Vintage News


... The Bugatti 57SC Atlantic, is worth a ridiculous $40 million. The  Atlantic that is in Lauren’s ownership is officially the most expensive  car in the world.

The puzzling question is how can a car be worth a fortune? As  Jalopnik reports: “It’s a beautiful car, but not $40 million beautiful.  Then again in that rarefied air, you’re not paying for value, but for  exclusivity.”

While it can be seen as “only” a car, the Atlantic is much more than  that. It is a historical monument of pre-War Europe on wheels.

The Bugatti Type 57, that includes the Atlantic, was a creation of Jean Bugatti, the son of the founder Ettore.

The cars were built between 1934 and 1940 with only 710 produced. The  57 SC type, the one that Lauren owns, is one of the most iconic models  ever produced.

The “S” in the name stands for “surbaissé” which means “lowered” and C  “compresseur”, a supercharger that was made as an answer to customer  desire for higher power.

Now there are only two 57SC models left in the world, with originally  only three being produced to our knowledge. One was destroyed in a  train accident in 1950.

The other one is now in the Mullin Automotive Museum in Los Angeles —  was sold to the museum for $38 million. The only free-roaming model is  in the hands of Ralph Lauren.

When Jean Bugatti produced it not many of his contemporaries  understood the design. He debuted his Aérolithe concept in Paris in  1935. Aérolithe was the first model in the Type 57 collection.

Love Inspires...

 Lauren loves and takes pride in his Atlantic so much so that he took it  as an inspiration for his new line of watches. He has created the whole  collection based on the interior of his car. The watches feature black  alligator straps and dials made of Elm burl wood. 

Insurance Term: Pre-Loss Condition

Cab Damage


  This work truck had no clear coat and had been painted Burgundy over School Bus Yellow at some point.

Smashed Door


  When it got to our shop, it needed a new drivers door plus dent & paint repair to the cab. 

New Door with Yellow Jam


  Because of Insurance Pre-Loss Condition stipulation, the vehicle had to be repaired EXACTLY as it was. The new door had to be painted with both school bus yellow inside and flat burgundy on the outside.

Final Step


The burgundy exterior paint had to have a matching dull finish.

Insurance Term: Pre-loss Condition

A term used by insurance companies to describe the condition of a vehicle prior to a collision or some other circumstance. 

NOTE: Paint & body shops will not be allowed to make your vehicle BETTER unless you cover additional costs.

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Windshield Residue Tip

Windshield Fluids are wonderful in most cases however some can leave a filmy residue on your windshield that looks like this. When glass cleaner won't get that scum off so you can see clearly, use foam glass cleaner and scrub with STEEL WOOL. A little elbow grease and your windshield will be looking great again! :)

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The Devil is in the Details! :

Before getting a new paint job, a vehicle  may have up to 8 coats of primer. 

 Each time the car is 'primed', it goes back into the body shop to be sanded smooth again. This process builds up layers of protection for the body and also a smooth finish to accept a flawless paint job.  In order for the body guys to SEE where they have sanded and need to sand next, a very light coat of  ''GUIDE-COAT '' gets applied to the surface.  This extra step is one of the reasons cars done at A & D Custom Cruisers, LLC, come out looking amazing! 

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