Join us for a 6 week look into Auto Restoration

There is a great deal of planning and budgeting that you should do before taking on the intense project of restoring an older truck or car. Check back with us weekly to see a different perspective and list of considerations.

# 1 > Sentimentality

Do you have childhood memories of a particular car or event that draws you to a special vehicle?

Do you have kids or grand kids that you want to share your love of a beautiful machine?


 # 2 > Car Shows & Car Clubs

Car Shows & Clubs are a fun-filled, family friendly way to spend a weekend day.  Once your vehicle is restored you have tons of ways to take your car out and show it off to the world!

Shows and Cruises> What's the Difference

A Car show will be at a specified location and often be held for the benefit of a non-profit organization.  Many brands offer specific shows so that the same make of car can compete against others of the same brand.  ie: Corvette shows, Mustang shows, Camero shows.  

A Cruise is typically held by a Club and starts at a designated location and ends at a different location.  Poker cards are a fun addition to a cruise.  Cruises are so fun to watch as a string of cars rolls down the highway or through the mountains!


 # 3> ERA and CAR CRUSHES 


We all have that ERA of History that just fascinates us.  We find ourselves drawn to books or movies that invite us to experience those moments in the past.  Often a token of respect for an era is to restore a vehicle from that time period.  I find myself intrigued by the first cars that were the catalyst of our modern machines.  My first car crush was Disney's 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang'

                     Cristi Brick/Office Manager for A & D Custom Cruisers, LLC


 # 4> THAT WAS THEN.... 

How many kids during the 70's and 80's spent hours gluing and painting our favorite car model?

Model car kits were the alternative to TV back then for many. They were a great way for young car buffs to magically create a perfect replica of a bad ass machine with real rubber tires and sparkling chrome!  Mow some lawns, rake some leaves and run to the hobby store to pick your favorite car off the shelf!  As we grow older, I believe we still get a thrill out of building a piece of our past.  Not wanting to sit at the kitchen table in our 50's, poring over tiny parts that we now need to look at with a magnifying glass, we instead turn to our garage and the internet to find that piece of our childhood. A Chassis, an engine and a book loaded with shiny chrome parts!


Geo Prizm 1984 - 2010

Volvos (Rear-Wheel-Drive Ones) dawn of man - 1996

Geo Prizm 1984 - 2010


 The Prizm and its stable-mates cause head-scratching as they soldier on into  their second or even third decade: What is that thing? How is it still  running?

VW Van 1950 - 1992

Volvos (Rear-Wheel-Drive Ones) dawn of man - 1996

Geo Prizm 1984 - 2010


 A combination of sheer devotion from fans and a deep reserve of used parts (thanks in part to its sharing many components with VW Beetles)  keeps the VW Van going & going. Many are sun-faded and seem to rely on bumper stickers and duct tape to hold them together.

Volvos (Rear-Wheel-Drive Ones) dawn of man - 1996

Volvos (Rear-Wheel-Drive Ones) dawn of man - 1996

Volvos (Rear-Wheel-Drive Ones) dawn of man - 1996


 Volvo’s secret? It basically built one car for decades under a variety of model names. In it's staid Swedish way, the carmaker eschewed fashion and focused instead on quality (and safety). About the only thing that  will kill off a Volvo is rust. 

Saab 900 1979 - 1993

Chevy Camaro/Pontiac Firebird 1982 - 2002

Volvos (Rear-Wheel-Drive Ones) dawn of man - 1996


 The irony, of course, is that some of these cars have outlived Saab  itself. These 900s were the last models designed by the car manufacturer  before it was bought by GM, which in turn unloaded the brand in 2010 as  part of its bankruptcy recovery. Saab as we knew it died shortly  thereafter.   

Toyota Camry 1992 - forward

Chevy Camaro/Pontiac Firebird 1982 - 2002

Chevy Camaro/Pontiac Firebird 1982 - 2002


 “You see them going 200,000, 300,000 miles all the time,” says Tom Torbjornsen, author of How to Make Your Car Last Forever. “They’re just very well made.” 

Chevy Camaro/Pontiac Firebird 1982 - 2002

Chevy Camaro/Pontiac Firebird 1982 - 2002

Chevy Camaro/Pontiac Firebird 1982 - 2002


 These cars' refusal to die is not necessarily a function of inherent  reliability. It’s the sheer bullheadedness of their owners, aging children  of the ‘60s and ‘70s, who still want to drive a two-door American sport  coupe with a V-8 and rear-wheel-drive and no way is it going be a Mustang (because that would be a Ford.)