IF your claim adjuster is asking you to get multiple bids, we do not participate.

New Parts

If your Adjuster has determined that

a new panel or part is needed, A & D Custom Cruisers will take off the damaged

part and install the new one.  A Quality part will fit your vehicle properly.

Sand & Prep

Any new auto panel must be prepared

for painting.  Parts ordered for your vehicle will need to be sanded, cleaned and often treated for optimal paint adhesion.

Tape and Cover

The finished quality of your paint job is affected by how much time and detail is put into the taping of the vehicle.  A & D Custom Cruisers often spends as much or more time properly prepping and taping as time spent painting the vehicle.

Painting your Vehicle

Matching the paint color on your vehicle is a skill that not everyone can master.  Depending on how old your vehicle is, the paint can have wear and sun fading.  We take a factory color code and mix the paint, adjusting for the natural aging so the color matches.

After Paint Polishing

After painting the vehicle, the finish needs polished in order for the paint to take on a finished shine.  This process must be done with care and skill so as not to damage the new paint.

Finish Cleaning

As part of our Award Winning Customer Service, A & D Custom Cruisers will clean and detail your car after the repair.  You will pick up your car and be proud to drive it again!